About me

Chloe photoI’m Chloe, I live on the North Wales coast with the sea on one side and the mountains of Snowdonia on the other. I love being outside walking with my dogs, running, cycling, swimming, but when it’s raining, as it occasionally does in Wales, my sewing room becomes my bolt hole and haven. Sewing gives me stillness.

I am a professional self employed graphic designer and my degree is in photography. I’ve also worked in publishing and illustration. My mum taught me to use a sewing machine when I was very young but I have no formal training. I now have a huge collection of fabrics, old and new, and will patiently sift through them to find the perfect colours, patterns and textures to create my images. I love to work with intricate details and bright colours and to make pictures that make people smile.

The inspiration for the images I create comes from many things – travel, stories I’ve read, the area where I live and simply things that I love.

My appliqué and embroidered textile artworks and jewellery are made by cutting and layering carefully chosen fabrics on a base fabric. I secure the fabric in place by stitching over the top using free-motion machine embroidery, effectively ‘drawing’ with the machine, adding lines, details and textures, sometimes using different coloured threads and adding some hand embroidery or beading to finish. I don’t use any fabric printing or painting in my illustrations, all the visual elements are found within existing fabric designs.

You can read more about me and how I started my business on this blog post by Lily at Petal to Petal.

You can see more of my work in my Gallery and in the Shop.

I’m always learning as I sew and love trying new ideas. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge too and regularly run workshops from my home to teach other people how to start making their own fabric images. Click here for more information about workshops.

Click here for information about free-motion machine embroidery workshops coming soon!

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